Declutter and Organize | Make Your List and Check It Twice…or Thrice

icon-41335_640I have been reflecting as the year comes to a close and I am making a list. The list I am talking about is one that has been in my head for most of the year. I am working on it to close out the year and be able to give myself a pat on the back and really feel like it has been a year of success. What has your year looked like? It does not take a big change all at once, you can do it one step at a time. I am proof of that. This year has been one of big changes in my life, but they were small steps, one at a time, but they added all added up to pretty big in my eyes.

In checking it twice, I am looking back at the days where I made a fast pass day upon day and sorted and delegated stuff to charity or designated a place where it belonged in my life. I did it one step at a time. Now, I finally have a home where just about everything has a place and is in it’s place. That is a good feeling.¬† For a change, I am not sitting around depressed about all that I need to be doing at the last minute so I don’t feel like a chump.

Have you been doing that at your place? What do your closets look like? Can you find everything in ten minutes or less? Scroll down and leave a comment about your successes or about what you plan to change in order to get lots done….

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