DeClutter and Organize | Make It All the Same

Home Sweet Home Showing Welcome Friendly InvitationDo you ever think about ways you could reduce the amount of stuff you have?  How about double duty for some of your necessary items?

When purchasing for your house, plan to have some things double up for their use. If you have all the beds the same size, such as double or queen, that reduces the need to have extras of multiple sheet sizes on hand.  If you are replacing glassware, maybe you could choose ones that go with all your dishes.  What are some other things that you can combine for multiple uses? How about getting towels that are similar colors and coordinate your kitchen ware to multi-task.

When it gets to the yardmaybe you could try sharing with a neighbor. If you could share with  them, that would eliminate how much space you need for lawn care. Of course, a lawn service brings their own. I always enjoy that. Tools for special projects? Try joint ownership or sharing with a trusted friend or neighbor. I realize to a true tool afficionado, this will not work. But maybe those less handy won’t mind at least trying  joint ownership.

Planning to consolidate necessary items, maybe appliances that have combined uses, such as the toaster oven with a convection capability, saves both money and space. Put your thinking cap on before you go shopping. It pays off dividends over time.

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