Declutter and Organize | Do You Have Kitchen Paper Clutter?

detail of open kitchen cabinet with cans of beansThe kitchen seems to be a central gathering place for family and friends. Just as people like to gather there, so does clutter. Are you trying to serve your food by working around a mountain of paper? That is one of my biggest kitchen challenges.

First step to overcoming that type of clutter is to move where you open your mail. Do you have a place where you handle other business matters? I know I was doing paperwork all over the house. When I first got home, I would check the mail and then walk back to the kitchen and set it down on the counter and start to sort through the stuff.  Often something would distract me, or I would decide to start on dinner. That is how I would have half-opened piles of mail.

So one day, I sat down and put my thinking cap on. The answer for me seemed simple. Move where I open the mail. It seemed logical so I made a quick change of habit.  Now when I come in, I still go get the mail first but walk the mail right back to my office where I open it when convenient. When I sit down to handle the paper these days, I am right by the recycle box and the trash can. Most of the stuff goes in one of the two places.

The second thing that really worked for me was to notify the Junk Mail Center to get some of the junk mail stopped.

You can write to Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 9008, Farmington, NY 11735-9008 and give them  the names of the people in your  house that do not want to receive unsolicited mail. It took a few weeks, but the mail has decreased.

What are ways you can think of at your house to eliminate paper clutter, especially in the kitchen? Comment below….I look forward to hearing from you!

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