DeClutter and Nature | The Rest of The Story

beans-297301_640The rest of the bean story is that I quickly pulled up the beans that were crowding out my tomato plants. I left the  plants alone that were growing in a place set aside for them. I did not  just trash the discarded plants, I chopped them up with the mower and added them to the compost pile where they could be repurposed back into good soil.

That  reminded me that I can put my clutter discards to good use by giving them  away to someone in need, or selling them in a yard sale. It is not a matter of just tossing out good items because I have too much of a good thing. Is this one of the things that bothers you about organizing your stuff?

The lesson of this “Bean Tale” is that beans in the right place were useful and the ones that overpowered something I wanted more, were a hindrance.  So, do you have things in your life that are out of place and what are you willing to do about them? Give it a beanie of a thought today!

P.S. I plan to invest in the type of bean seeds that I need for my garden. They are small bushy plants that grow lots of healthy and delicious beans. So it is not that the “stuff” is bad, it is that appropriate size and quantity makes the experience more suitable

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