DeClutter and Nature | Lessons From My Garden

spade-24434_640Have you ever just been doing “nothing” and  an idea  just pops into your head? That happened to me just the other day.  I was out in my backyard garden just doing a little clean up work. Thus my story begins…

Some weeks ago I sat down with my trusty box of seeds that I had collected over several years. I decided to use up the seeds that had just been sitting there being seeds.  I am trying to use up or give away stuff that is just sitting around not being used. I had tomato seeds from 1996 and no matter when you are reading this … it was a long time ago in seed years!

I had a cup of pole beans that looked useful. We like beans so I decided to put these to good use. I don’t know the level of your bean education, so I will explain that pole beans are climbers. It seemed logical to me to put those beans close to my tomatoes in wire cages and the beans could just share the wire for their support.  Are you wondering how successful that was?  If so….check back here tomorrow for the rest of the story…..

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