DeClutter and Nature | Continued Lessons From The Garden

beans-161504_640Meanwhile back at the garden… the beans started growing and growing. They started to tower over the tomatoes in their cages.  I noticed that the beans were growing everywhere. That probably sounds like normal stuff to you; however, they were going great beans. The rest of the story is that the beans are not the most important part of my garden.

If you price green beans in your market on any given day,  you will find they are much cheaper than tomatoes. Also, it is difficult to find tasty tomatoes in the store at any price. You see, I am a tomato lover. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like beans, too, but not as much as tomatoes.

Now, you ask, how does that apply to my clutter issues?

I began to think that those green beans were a lot like clutter.  Something good, like magazines, when I get too many of them,  crowd out other, more useful things in my life.  They quickly outgrow the space that I have available for such storage. Piles of them stack up on the coffee table in the family room. They then spill over into the floor or  the area around the fireplace.  It becomes overwhelming. You see, while the beans were growing tall and reaching toward the sky, my less aggressive tomatoes were not growing nearly as well. They were being deprived of sunshine and food.

I have found when I let clutter start to creep back into my life, it crowds out my time and energy. It takes a conscious effort to keep my “stuff” under control. How does your mess affect your life and lifestyle? Really think about it and see if you want to commit to being an overcomer. To finish the tale, check back tomorrow…you will be glad you did…

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