DeClutter and Clean | Throw Out the Bunnies

Dust bunnies, that is.  Clean is a good goal to have. It does not mean we will always meet our highest standard, but if we set the standard, then at least we are trying. Per a quote from Zig Ziglar “It is better to aim for the sky and reach the lightpost than aim for the lightpost and never get off the ground”. I keep that idea in the back of my brain somewhere and bring it out and dust it off when I need it.

neatclosetThere are some simple ways to keep a basically clean place. First thing is for everyone to clean up after themself. That seems simplistic, but there is a deeper truth there. It is not just about clean, but it is also a basic principle of respect. If you will take a habit per month (21 days is said to establish a new habit) and concentrate on that one, it will become a trait that will make life easier for yourself.

One of the hardest habits I work on developing is

putting something up as I come in the house instead of leaving it on the kitchen counter for “later”. Sometimes later does not come for a long time. That one item sitting there seems to be a magnet for other things to be left there to be put up “later”, too.  I am working on making myself take those few extra steps and put it in its place so I can keep a clean place.

One of the best “clean” habits to develop is never leaving the kitchen dirty. Make it a goal to finish off those last couple of things before heading off to sleep. It keeps the bugs from joining the bunnies and leads to a cleaner way of living.

What are some of your best tricks for keeping things clean? Give us your comments below….enjoy.


DeClutter and Clean | Throw Out the Bunnies — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    I’m a big proponent of “everything in it’s place” and I habitually put things back where they belong. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t have the same habit. LOL. Instead of complaining I just pick it up and put it where it goes. It saves time, frustration and arguments, as well as keeping things clean!

  2. It is good to have goals to work toward. Just start fresh on the new day. It works. Give yourself a pat on the back for what you do right! Thanks and get rid of the bunnies!