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new-year-152044_640What has been the best of 2010 for you? Have you established new habits? Are you still waiting to get started on cleaning out that closet? How about a new goal for 2010 that you can meet in only a few hours? Between now and the end of the year, you can make a difference in at least one spot in your home.

Open the door to the closet and see what can go. Are there clothes that can go to someone else who could actually wear them? Is there anything broken in there? Do something about it now. Either take it to be repaired today or how about tossing it out. I have discovered this is one of the best tips for me. I tend to keep something thinking I will use have it repaired and it just sits there smirking at me, reminding me of yet another task that needs to be done. Doing just a few things daily for about a week can make a real difference, closet wise!

I have been keeping two broken pieces of stemware that were wedding gifts. They must have been in my cabinet at least two years because the stems had broken off. I have thought about having a glassblower repair them or make them into something else useful. Yesterday, I resolved the issue. I took both pieces and put them in the recycling bin. I decided that if I have not done it by now, it is time to make an executive decision and so I did. The executive in me tossed them out. Issue resolved. I still have many other pieces that are not broken so still have enough to use for company, assuming I go to that much effort if I have guests.

For some reason, it really made me feel better to have made the decision to toss them out. I am discovering that I cannot do everything in this one lifetime. So, I have resolved to make a shorter to-do list starting now.

It seems I usually use my everyday glasses when entertaining. I like having the special stemware, but since it cannot be replaced if broken, hesitate to use it. I am rethinking that issue currently.  What do you have that is sitting around waiting for you do attend to it? Do you have stacks of books that are waiting to be read? Try making a stack in corner where they are readily accessible. Organize them by which you want to read first. You may also consider making two or three stacks. How about some reading just for fun and some for a bit of mind building. I plan to do more reading in 2011 in areas related to social media since that is an interest of mine?

What interests you? Scroll down below and share what you plan to do for the new year. Come on now, make that committement in writing!


Declutter and Clean | New Year – New You — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the discussing this! Just this past week I de-cluttered a stack of magazines that were waist high! It felt great to go through and clear them out. Most were recycled and others found a new home.

    My toughest challenge are clothes in the closet… I can never seem to get rid of clothes in there!

    Thanks again!

  2. Tip for clothes – Turn all the hangers one way in the closet. As you wear the clothes, hang them back in a different way. You can make a dividing line such as tying something around the clothes rod or hanging the hanger back the opposite direction. At the end of the season, you can see what you did not wear.

    Then you have the data needed to know which things can go. Of course, there are a few items that are special occasion and look at those separately.

    Even with special occasion items, would you really wear them? If won’t fit or is out of style, you might want to replace with something you like for that next time.

    Think and delegate. It is so nice to look in your closet and see only the clothes you actually wear.