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Have you ever thought about a neat way to organize the stuff that is not square and sits on a shelf nicely? I bet you have, at least you probably need to give it some thought. I found the perfect solution. I love the boxes that you get from the office supply store that have separate tops. I have a clutter confession… I save craft books. However, after the “cure” I do not save tubs and tubs of them and have them stacked in almost every closet anymore.

I do have a box of Holiday Craft Books. They fit inside the nice white box and up on a shelf in my guest closet. It is a low down shelf – because those books are heavy. I just know there will come a day when I have time to sit down and look at all the pretty pictures of things someone has completed, and pick out something to do myself.  I really want to cross-stitch a stocking for each grandchild. So far, I am four grandchildren behind. (Four is how many grandchildren I have right now). But I dream of the day when I can give one to each of them. The oldest is seven so maybe there is still time!

Seriously, what things do you have stuffed away that you dream of doing? Leave a comment below and we can share our dreams!


DeClutter and Clean | It’s In the Box — 2 Comments

  1. If you are a busy person (like I am) it doesn’t take long to create *some* kind of clutter 🙂 Having easy tips to tackle just one part at a time really helps; otherwise it all feels like too much to do ~ therefore I don’t. Until I have to.

    What only takes 5 minutes at a time, is doable. Thanks for reminding us to focus on just one area.