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box-34636_640Does it seem your possessions own you instead of the other way around? I know it seemed like mine did. It seemed their upkeep was always on my mind. The stuff stacked in boxes seemed to multiply without my consent. Have you ever moved boxes from one house to the next one without ever unpacking? I did. The eye-opening part of that is it was 18 years between the moves. At that point, I took the time to sort out some of the stuff and have a garage sale instead of moving the boxes of stuff again.

Looking back, I had walked around boxes of stuff for 18 years without ever unpacking and using the contents. Do you have things in your life that just sit there unused like boxes in a corner? What do they say?

Do they seem to occupy your mind when you get a chance to sit down and take a brief rest? What would help with that? How about a quick pass? First go through your house with a trash bag and toss the trash. You determine what is the trash. No fair tossing stuff that belongs to others that might be something they really want. Give them a chance to partner with you in your new mission to clear and clean. Make it like a team sport. The clean team can make their own fun.

Invite the other memebers to partner with you in your new game. How about who can find the strangest item? Anyone find food under a chair or bed? Ugh! Toss the Trash can be a fun game. How did it work for your family? Let me know…..for other suggestions check out

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