Declutter and Clean | Don’t Get Discouraged

stinkyclosetHow is your organizing project coming along? Just okay? Don’t let slow progress discourage you. It took a long time to get this way, recovery is certainly a process. How about a quick pick up session? Grab a plastic bag and make a pass through the house. Any trash or broken stuff? Toss it out. If it is broken and you plan to fix it. Make that a priority and set a written goal for when you will have that done. Professional repair needed? You can find help online for local repair.

What’s next? How about that bulging closet in the guestroom? Write down specific goals to do to get that cleared out. Start with small steps such as bring in boxes and sort out the items into keep, sell and give away boxes. There should also be a box for throw away.

Write down small goals on a piece of paper just for your information. Put a date to have each step completed. When you get that done, give yourself a treat. It does not have to be costly or elaborate. Just permission to sit down without guilt and have a cup of coffee and enjoy a morning with a good book or TV program.

Big game coming up? Set a goal that you won’t watch it until you get the next step done. All the small steps will add up to big ones. I know. I did it! You can, too!


Declutter and Clean | Don’t Get Discouraged — 3 Comments

  1. I have been inspired to do just exactly what you have said. I have started with little projects. I now have all my clothes decluttered and organized.

    I threw out anything I haven’t worn in a while – no saving skinny clothes etc. We live where the seasons change so I am organized for the summer fall and winter.

    Next I attacked my desk top. I usually keep this up but have neglected it.

    I am heading for a big project so these little steps have helped. Doing a little each day works for me.