Clutter and Time – What is the True Cost?

time-92897_640What are ways that you create clutter? Is it when  you are “saving” time?  Do you rush in and then back out of the house leaving a trail of stuff behind? Each piece of clothing or paper has a spot where it really should be. None of it belongs on the kitchen counter or on the back of a chair, right? It is so easy to lay one thing down and then another without even being aware of the mess it is creating.

Clutter is like lasagna and builds up a layer at a time.

This is a problem that can be prevented with just a little thought to where you are placing things as you pass through the house. Try this tip and see that it helps prevent stuff from getting control of your life.

When you rush in with your arms full of things, stop at the door and actually think about where the stuff should go.  Don’t dump the mail and papers on the counter, take them back to the office and at least put them in the desk chair so you will have to deal with them before sitting down next time. Commit to yourself that you will actually put the stuff up before sitting down again in the chair.

Take a minute to put any clothes or books where they belong. If you plan ahead of time, you won’t have to even think about where they should go. Take them to their spots before moving on.

Too busy to put things away? Then you may be too busy. In observing people who always seem to be organized and have their life together, I have noticed that they have fewer activities. Maybe we could do a little less and do what we need to do a little better. Sound like a plan? It is working for me.

It is nice to actually come in and sit down for a few minutes in the evening after a day on the go without needing to rush out the door on another errand. When was the last time you actually sat down and enjoyed your evening? Are you rushing through your life without taking time to enjoy it? These days will pass and what will you remember from them? Will you have memories of shared moments with friends and family or will it all be a blur as you rush through your life?

Think about what is important to you. Clutter is also a state of mind and is a robber of your time. Are you willing to make a few changes and stop this thief today? The decision is up to you.

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