Clutter Success Tip | How To Take A Chunk Out of Closet Clutter

Do you ever lie in bed and make elaborate plans to clear out your closets? Do you see them clear of stuff and only the most used stuff neatly organized on the shelves? Does it seem like a project that will never get done?

Have no fear! Closet success is here!

Dedicate a weekend to devote to the cleaning of at least one area, closets are where you can see your most progress. Start bright and early on a Saturday morning. The first step is to clear out all the stuff hiding in your space. Divide it into piles – keep, sell and give away. Really think about what really is being used. If you have not used it for over a year, you probably won’t miss it if you let it go. True, some stuff is for special occassions, but not everything in there. When you get ready for a break in your morning detail, prepare your list of what you are giving away. Take pictures if you want to make a record for tax purposes and follow instructions of your tax advisor on how to handle this. Then take it away! If the donation site is close by, take it there. Be strong – you can do it!

Save the things you want to sell. There is always EBay or a garage sale. I find it nice to get some of my money back for things I no longer use (sometimes never used). What are your best garage sale moments? Leave a comment below if you would like to share your ideas.

Next what to do with the keepers? After you have cleaned the walls, shelves and floors of the closet, only put back what you really want to keep. When you step away after the final chore is finished, you should have a great sense of satisfaction and feel like a weight has been lifted from your mental shoulders. I know it was a great feeling for me. I have grown to love a clean and organized closet.  Here’s to your closet success!


Clutter Success Tip | How To Take A Chunk Out of Closet Clutter — 2 Comments

  1. I just read another blog that said if you haven’t worn it in 2 years toss it. You say 1. Ebay and a garage sale are good ideas to pick up a little cash. Most people forget they can pick up some money from their old stuff.