Clutter and the Story of the Pumpkin – Lesson Enclosed

Once upon a time – isn’t that how all stories begin? Well, once upon a time – there were three pumpkins on my front porch. They were sitting there for a bit of decoration for Fall. They were looking  just fine sitting there bright and orange and fresh from the farmers market. Well, along comes my resident squirrel and he notices my pumpkins, then decides to take a bite out of the front one. Each time I would pass by the pumpkins over the next few days, I would notice a fresh bite into the same spot on the front pumpkin.

I did not remove the front pumpkin with the bite out of it, as I knew he would just start on the others if  I removed the one he found most tasty.Pumpkin Lesson

After a few days, the pumpkin started turning moldy and was rotten in the entire middle, so I removed it. Then the same thing  happened to the other two pumpkins, until all were in varying states of decomposition, and in the compost pile.

Now, you ask, how does that apply to my blog on clutter?

It brought to my mind how just a little bit of damage to something can start a ripple effect until … everything around it is involved. Did you ever notice that when you bring something in and plop it down on the counter, it seems to attract more stuff? I struggle with this issue most. It is so easy to just set something down for the moment and then something else and so on. Soon, it becomes an issue to be dealt with.

So, my best advice for this is to think about how this starts a chain reaction and puts you back on the road to a messy counter and take those extra few steps to put up whatever is in your hand instead of doing what just seems to be the easy solution. I will be working on that with you…myself!


Clutter and the Story of the Pumpkin – Lesson Enclosed — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Cynthia.
    I like how your brought the 3 pumpkins around to my kitchen counter clutter! You’re right. One little thing invites “friends”. For me, it’s an issue about not wanting to make a decision. Should I keep it or throw it out? Hmmmm. I’ll put it right here and decide later. And so it begins.

    Thanks for the nudge. 🙂

    Nancy Camden