Clutter Control | Make It Fun

WowDo you need to get a handle on clutter around your house? Have you resorted to nagging and yelling yet? If so, bet it’s not working out the way you planned.

Did you ever think about making housework fun? Have a family meeting and give out some slips of paper before the meeting. On each paper, write a different question. Ask for suggestions about ways to improve the way things are handled in the house running area. Give out prizes for good suggestions. Now, it does not have to be a big prize, just something that reinforces good participation.  What are some of the best suggestions and how can they be put to use?

Remember this is an idea session and …

think of ways to use the suggestions put forth. Be encouraging, it may not have full participation the first time. Instead of fussing at the ones who do not participate, encourage and reinforce those that do. Ask the other family members how they could see the ideas working out.

Ask for suggestions such as what would make our mornings work smoother, how can we organize getting out of the house on time so it is fair to all involved, how can we make certain everyone has what they need for the day as they leave. Those are just a few of  the ideas you could use.

Take a chance and see if you can encourage the members to work as a team. Maybe they can pair up and take responsibility for some of the solutions. If you are having this issue, it might be worth trying. Let me know how this works for you.

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