Clutter and Clean | Take A Bag Away

Do you feel that getting control of all the stuff at your place is too overwhelming to even start? Start today with the Take A Bag Away project. Put a box or plastic bag somewhere that is accessible for everyone but not where they will fall over it. Put things in the bag a bit at a time. Anyone can contribute there. When the bag is full, tie it up and take it away. Donate your usable stuff to a charity that you want to support. Sometimes we do not have lots of spare cash to give away, but stuff is worth cash, too.

Many of these donation centers such as Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries use these items to raise money to help those a bit down on their luck. Check with them and see if they use appliances and such to train clients how to repair them.  I try to take a bag a month. I get my receipt for my taxes and file it away in my receipt folder.

Does this seem like something you could do? Give it a try. It never hurts to help someone else. You may need help some day. Carry on!


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  1. Yes. It is good to be the giver. Sometimes, I think I would actually pay them to come and take the stuff away. It looks so nice to have the blank spots when the stuff is gone – and it goes to a really good cause. Donate!