Clean It Up | Toss It Out!

neednewjeansDo you have trouble concentrating with stuff piled up to your virtual ears? If someone comes to visit, do you have to clear off a spot so they can sit down?

What is your first response when a group wants somewhere to meet? Is it “No, not my place!” If that is your response, you are not alone. There are thousands who join you with the same response.

Do you want to change? It’s not as hard as you think. Just sit back for a few minutes and survey your living space? Do you really have room to live?

I know I moved from a house where we had lived for 18 years and I had not unpacked some of the boxes in the garage from the first move. After 18 years of stepping around the boxes, I threw most of it in the trash. Was it worth it? I would have to answer no.

So start working through your stuff  a few minutes at a time in the beginning. Really think about what you really use. Could you share it with someone else who has less than you do? I bet most of us could take a box a month to charity. Start with a single step. Take that first donation. Both you and the charity will benefit. Make a commitment to yourself to begin now.


Clean It Up | Toss It Out! — 2 Comments

  1. Yep, that’s me! In my attempt to be “minalmist” and not have a lot of stuff…. I end up with a lot of stuff with no where for it to live. No shelves, drawers, etc. So when someone wants to visit, it’s a big deal. Hiding stuff under the sofa, stuffing drawers with it. I like the thought of being simple, but with so much computer stuff and camera stuff I just dont have the organizational tools for it all.

    I’ll start surveying and see what I can toss !


  2. Toss and organize. You might try using some furniture pieces that help with organization, too. Such as a sofa with a base made for storage. Keep up the good work.