Ultimate Clutter Challenge – Paper Clutter


If there is an Achilles heel for clutter, it is PAPER CLUTTER! Paper seems to multiply and grow without limits. It is my own personal challenge. As a personal organizer, my fear is that I will lose information that has already been given to me. Things such as email addresses, phone numbers and even appointment times seem to wind up on little pieces of paper. At the time I do it, it seems like a good idea because I will put it on my calendar or in my computer right away..,,

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Clutter or Organizing – Which Is Your Challenge?

When you walk into your place – what greets you? Is it the loving family pet, soft music and candlelight – or stuff piled everywhere? As Dr. Phil would say “How’s that working for you?” If your challenge is clutter or organizing then read on to discover the 3 Steps that will help you be an overcomer instead of a victim.

Clutter or Organizing

Clutter or Organizing?

One, do a quick inventory – scan your entry space and take a visual image. What do you see? Do you see piles of stuff, are boxes blocking your entry, or did you just trip over shoes and toys? The first step to a resolution is being honest about the problem. What can you eliminate first? If you live alone, then the problem is yours.

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Declutter and Organize – Manage Your Time

Do you need to declutter and organize and manage your time better,  but just don’t seem to have the time to get started? The key is time management. When you complain that you just don’t have enough time, do you get the response that we have the same 24 hours? That is true, but what  you do with those hours can change your chance of success.

You can’t measure what you do not track. So, get started tracking!

Declutter and Organize Manage Your Time

Declutter and Organize Manage Your Time

Break out your trusty planner, dust it off and USE IT! A planner gathering dust or lost in a drawer is not a tool, it is clutter. To turn it into a tool, get it out and put it into use.

Take a sample of 2 or 3 days and track what you do by fifteen minute segments. From when your feet touch the floor upon rising, until you go to bed, make a record of how you spend your time. From this data, look for the following?

  • How much time is spent just getting started?
  • When did you log into your computer and check emails?
  • How much time did you devote to monitoring emails?
  • Where could you have used time better?

Use this information to get insight for where you could use time more efficiently and target your best times to work on your goals for the day.

How can you get more done? We will talk about that soon….

Laundry Instructions – Make A Plan For Laundry

Laundry Instructions

Laundry Instructions

Do you keep planning to plan to make a plan for laundry? Enough said! I understand that doing the laundry is not an exciting task, but it is a necessary one.  Laundry Instructions are not exciting; however, they can prevent some exciting results such as strange colored undies! Though not fun, it can only be put off for a limited time. I actually have started do enjoy the time I spend on the task, now that I have a plan. Here are some tips:

  • Sort with a laundry hamper instead of tossing everything into the basket.
  • Separate into similar groups. I separate into colored, whites, delicate and towels.
  • If I have denims such as pants, I wash alone if I have enough or with towels.
  • Use a pre-wash stain remover if there are any stains.
  • Empty pockets before washing (Tissues will make a fuzzy mess of your laundry)
  • Wash per the instructions on the garment care tag.

Do you have a divided laundry hamper? They make quick work of laundry sorting. I especially like this one found on Amazon: http://CynthiaLikes.me/LaundryHamper

Laundry Instructions are found on the care tag inside any manufactured garment. Sometimes they are hard to find, but usually under the tag in the back of the garment or sewn into a side seam. These are  important to follow if you want to keep your clothes looking new. Yes, you can sometimes ignore them successfully, but the results can also be disappointing if you do not.

Here is a chart that explains most of the symbols you will find:

Laundry Instructions Chart

Laundry Instructions Chart

Using a mesh laundry bag can protect delicate fabrics that would otherwise be damaged by zippers or rougher fabrics. These will also let you combine some smaller items of laundry that are in the same color family. However, if the laundry instructions indicate delicate fabric, then only use a gentle cycle.

Before loading garments into the washer, zip zippers and button buttons. This prevents stretching that could damage the shape of your clothing. Don’t overload your washing machine. It is tempting to get it all done quickly – but that can result in clothes that don’t get completely clean. Every wonder why some folks have gray underwear that did originally come that way? Overloading the washing machine can be a cause.  Clothes need room to move around in and overloading can also cause the fabric to deteriorate faster.

Also, don’t use too much detergent. If you put in more than the bottle suggests, the detergent will linger on the clothes, causing them to turn yellow or gray. Too much detergent can build up in your washer  and damage your machine also. This is another case of where less is best.

So in summary for laundry instructions: Sort clothes by category, follow washing instructions and don’t overload the washer or with soap. So go forth and conquer – laundry, that is!



Clutter and the Story of the Pumpkin – Lesson Enclosed

Once upon a time – isn’t that how all stories begin? Well, once upon a time – there were three pumpkins on my front porch. They were sitting there for a bit of decoration for Fall. They were looking  just fine sitting there bright and orange and fresh from the farmers market. Well, along comes my resident squirrel and he notices my pumpkins, then decides to take a bite out of the front one. Each time I would pass by the pumpkins over the next few days, I would notice a fresh bite into the same spot on the front pumpkin.

I did not remove the front pumpkin with the bite out of it, as I knew he would just start on the others if  I removed the one he found most tasty.Pumpkin Lesson

After a few days, the pumpkin started turning moldy and was rotten in the entire middle, so I removed it. Then the same thing  happened to the other two pumpkins, until all were in varying states of decomposition, and in the compost pile.

Now, you ask, how does that apply to my blog on clutter?

It brought to my mind how just a little bit of damage to something can start a ripple effect until … Continue reading